Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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WELL Health Diagnostic Centres (Formerly MyHealth Centre)

WELL Health Diagnostic Centres (formerly MyHealth Centre) is located at Ross Memorial Hospital on the 3rd Floor and can be reached at 705-328-6171.

Hours Of Operation

Nuclear medicine is the use of safe, radioactive materials to help diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases.

When you undergo a nuclear medicine scan, a radiotracer is administered either by injection into a vein or by mouth through inhalation or ingestion. After the administration of the radiotracer, you may be asked to wait a period of time (a few hours or even days) before the actual scanning begins. The waiting period is necessary because the materials take different amounts of time to accumulate in the area of your body being studied.

During the scan, a camera will be placed close to the part of your body being studied. A number of different images will be taken, which will later be interpreted by a nuclear medicine physician. All testing is safe, painless and commonly performed.

Some of the more common tests performed at WELL Health Diagnostics Centre include the following:

For Healthcare Providers, please click this hyperlink to download a requisition for patient referral.

Page last updated: May 17, 2024