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Strategic Planning at RMH

Strategic Planning Flowchart

Each day at the Ross Memorial abounds with patients, procedures and programs. As we focus on immediate needs and challenges, it can be difficult to see big picture impacts of our actions. That’s why it’s important to have a clear plan in place, to keep our team members moving in the same direction.    

Ross Memorial has completed a new strategic plan to guide the hospital’s decision-making from

Our new mission summarizes our purpose.
An Exceptional Community Hospital
Valued by our Patients and Partners

We provide quality acute and continuing care, inspired by our patients and families, within a team that is committed to:

Our vision highlights the future state to which we aspire, focusing our talents and our resources.
It emphasizes our intention to champion partnerships to enhance health service delivery. It embraces the work we’ve done, and the potential that lies ahead. Vision 2021:   Exceptional Care - Together  

Our values guide us in our actions every day, in every encounter. They set the standard by which we hold ourselves, our peers and our care partners accountable: compassion, respect, excellence and integrity.

Our strategic directions provide a framework to focus expertise, address priorities, cultivate excellence, champion collaboration, and enhance our service delivery. In order to achieve exceptional care as valued by our patients and partners, RMH will engage in the following strategic directions:

Patient and family-inspired care: achieving patient goals.

Consistent, reliable quality: every patient - every day.

Enhancing teamwork and care models: improving outcomes.

Championing partnerships: working together.

Safeguarding Financial Health: strengthening resilience.

In 2017, health care had changed sufficiently, and new pressures and challenges had presented themselves. In addition, there was change to the composition of the Board of Governors. New members had joined, and longer serving members had completed terms of office. As such, a decision was made to refresh our strategic plan.

New Strategic Directions:

1. To be an exceptional workplace.
     * Promoting leadership, accountability and empowerment
     * Fostering passion and commitment
     * Encouraging kindness and civility
     * Creating a safe, respectful and trusting environment
     * Recruiting and retaining the best team members
     * Celebrating successes and recognizing contributions
     * Supporting continuing education and development

2. To provide exceptional patient care and experiences.
     * Our patients are care partners
     * Providing timely access to care
     * Recognizing our patients' Bill of Rights
     * Exceeding expectations in service delivery
     * Ensuring a safe and secure environment
     * Continually monitoring and improving our quality of service
     * Recognizing the diverse culture needs of our clients

3. To develop exceptional partnerships and deliver operational excellence.
     * Actively seeking out opportunities to partner in the delivery of care
     * Partnering to advance technology and improve patient outcomes
     * Effectively managing our Board approved budget
     * Providing timely, accurate financial reporting
     * Planning proactively for future financial commitments
     * Taking ownership for the effective use of resources
     * Developing innovative models of care and governance structures

Success will be measured through the corporate balanced scorecard, key performance indicators, the quality improvement plan, the annual report, and patient and staff satisfaction surveys.

We invite you to read the full 2015-2021 Strategic Plan.

If you have questions about our strategic directions, or our annual goals and objectives, please contact our Public Relations office at 705-328-6246 or email