Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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Discharge Process

We know that when you are well, you would rather be at home. As part of the Home First philosophy, our goal is to work with you, your family, and the interprofessional team to transition back home safely with the appropriate supports when you no longer require hospitalization. As soon as you are admitted, we will work with you and your loved ones to plan your care and prepare for hospital discharge.

All patients should assume they will go home (where they were prior to hospitalization) once they no longer require acute care. Even if your physical condition has changed dramatically, your care team will assist with the support you need to return home. If changes in long term living arrangements are required, those decisions will be made once you are home again.

Important decisions such as these are best made in your own home with your family supporting you. If your condition necessitates staying in the hospital until a space in a long term care home is available, staff will discuss the applicable charges with you.

As you prepare to leave the hospital, please make sure that you have all your belongings, as well as any prescriptions and instructions you need. If you have any questions about medications, diet, activities or return appointments, please ask your physician or nurse before leaving.

Most patients are discharged by 9:00am. If possible, arrange for a friend or family member to take you home. If no one is available, please talk to your nurse or hospital discharge planner about your options for travel home. There are some excellent options of which you may not be aware. Any charges for transportation are your responsibility.