Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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Medical Program

The Medical Program Inpatient Unit is located on the 3rd floor of the Ross Memorial Hospital. The Medical Unit is a 41 bed acute care unit supported by a patient-centred multi-disciplinary team which respects our patients' confidentiality, rights, and choices.

All patients requiring medical care can be admitted to the medical program. The most common types of patients admitted to the unit are: acute coronary syndromes (heart attacks, angina), congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, and pneumonia.

Our patients are now able to access inpatient diabetes services and education. We offer patients follow up care with the Health First outpatient services for diabetes, cardiac and pulmonary care.

Special features of the Medical Unit include:

In February 2011, the GERI Acute Team began assisting elderly patients (those over 75 years) in the Medical Unit. This team works closely with the nursing staff to prevent complications in our older patients, focusing on 4 key factors that increase the risk of harm from hospitalization:  delirium, immobility, falls and skin breakdown.

The GERI Acute team consists of a physiotherapist, a rehab assistant, a recreation assistant and soon, a nurse specialist in geriatrics. Patients admitted from home are assessed to identify their specific needs and risk factors, and with the help of the GERI Acute Team, resources are put in place to meet the specific needs as quickly as possible – before complications arise.

Bed rest causes elderly patients to lose 5% of their function every day. The GERI Acute team pursues opportunities to enhance patients’ physical and cognitive function, thereby improving their potential to return home. They get patients sitting up, transferring to a chair, dressing themselves, using the bathroom – whatever activities they’re capable of performing given their acute conditions.

The funding for the GERI Acute program has been provided by the Central East LHIN.