Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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Continuing Care Program

The Complex Continuing Care program provides a comprehensive range of services supporting the continuum of care of patients with complex medical needs, restoration/reactivation needs and for successful transition to long term care. 

CCP1 is the home of the GERI Unit (Geriatric Engagement and Reintegration Unit). This 22 bed unit is abilities-focused, embraces quality of life and encourages activation, mobilization and socialization. The goal is for patients to maintain function, leading to either a safe discharge home or to a long term care facility. Patients participate in group activation and recreation programming.

CCP2 is the home of the Functional Enhancement program (FE) and Complex Medical beds. The 10 FE beds are a slow stream rehabilitation program for those patients who are unable to tolerate the intensity of the inpatient rehab program. The goal for these patients is to return home. CCP2 also has 4 complex medical beds for patients whose care requirements are beyond what can be managed in a long term care facility.  The CCP program has been the corporate lead for RMH senior friendly initiatives. These included the Falls Prevention and Management  program, Fractured Hip and Rapid Assessment and Treatment project (FHRAT), the Activation project and the GERI Acute service.