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Working with and for our community

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Ross Memorial Hospital continues to receive exceptional support from our community. “The most important thing that everyone can do in the fight against COVID-19 is to follow the advice of our public health officials by staying home,” says Kelly Isfan, President and CEO. “If you must leave your home for essential reasons, practise physical distancing and good hand hygiene.”

Homemade masks

Members of the public have shown great interest in making homemade masks to support our community in the fight against COVID-19. If you sew and would like to donate a homemade mask, please visit our foundation website.

These masks are not for patient-facing staff, but are available for patients heading home from hospital.

There are some circumstances in which a cloth mask may be appropriate, including when a person is out in the community and unable to maintain physical distancing (such as in a grocery store or on public transit). There is no real evidence of the impact of homemade masks in preventing community spread, or in protecting oneself.  While masks may reduce the frequency of an individual touching their nose or mouth, this potential positive effect is also tied to good hand hygiene.

There are many ways to show your support to the RMH team:

RMH’s pandemic strategy continues to evolve, based on current and anticipated needs of our community. We have taken a number of steps in the past few weeks, including:

Resources for our community: