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RMH Celebrates Their Team Through Long Service and Excellence Awards

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November 17, 2022

(Lindsay, ON) – Ross Memorial Hospital celebrated its team members by hosting their annual Long Service and Excellence Awards in the hospital’s cafeteria yesterday.

The awards celebrate RMH employees and professional staff marking significant milestones at the hospital, along with individuals nominated by their peers in specific categories of excellence.

The 159 Long Service Award recipients this year are employees and professional staff who have worked at Ross Memorial for a minimum of 5 years, and up to 45 years. The two longest-tenured employees who were celebrated are Wendy Kane, a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department, and Jim Greer, Dialysis Assistant. They have worked at Ross Memorial for 45 and 40 years, respectively.

The accumulative number of years served by the 159 Long Service Award recipients is 2,060 years.

Twenty-eight individuals received an Excellence Award this year across four categories;

A full list of the Long Service and Excellence Award recipients can be found here:

Taking part in the awards ceremony on behalf of the City of Kawartha Lakes was Mayor Doug Elmslie. Wanda Percival, Chair of RMH’s Board of Governors, and Ryan O’Neil, Chair of the RMH Foundation, also provided remarks during the event.



“Our team members who have committed to their professional journey at Ross Memorial are examples for all of us to aspire to. Their deep knowledge of the hospital and the community we serve is irreplaceable as they all contribute to the uniquely caring culture at the Ross. They deserve so much praise for contributing to our collective strength during one of the most challenging times any of us have lived through. Our entire community is better for these award recipient’s commitment, dedication and loyalty to the hospital and the patients we serve.”

-Kelly Isfan, President & CEO, Ross Memorial Hospital


“Happy, grateful and reminded- those are the three words to best describe how I felt when I was told I was nominated for an Excellence Award this year. It brings the biggest smile to my face to be valued by such an amazing team and I am so grateful for them and the care they provide to each other, our patients and their families. Nursing has had its challenges these last few years and being recognized for this award reminds me of why I do what I do. I am so thankful.”

-Kaitlyn Devos, Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Ross Memorial Hospital


“I still love my job. When I lose that drive, I’ll know that it is time to go. I’m not a quitter. I’ve been through more than pandemics and hospital changes. You rise above it, that’s nursing. I like the change, the diversity. In Emerge, you’re flying off your feet and have to have your thinking cap on at all times. We have great doctors who support us and one of the best young nursing staffs in the hospital.”

-Wendy Kane, Registered Nurse in Emergency Department, Ross Memorial Hospital


“The Ross Memorial Hospital is a critical, and most necessary, part of our community. Nothing has highlighted this more than the pandemic. Where would we have been without this group of highly trained, dedicated professionals? We will be forever grateful for the hard work and unwavering support that RMH staff have shown our community. Excellence and service commitment have been the cornerstones of this institution; I am proud to honour the individuals that embody these values and comprise its remarkable staff.”

-Mayor Doug Elmslie, City of Kawartha Lakes


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