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Goals & Objectives

Goal #1:
We will deliver consistent, reliable quality.


  1. The Management Team will continue to plan and implement senior friendly hospital initiatives as set out by the Seniors' Care Network. In addition, the results of the Deloitte Environmental Scan will assist with the creation of a comprehensive plan for the delivery of senior services for the next 5 and 10 years. 

  2. The Hospital will develop a Quality, Safety and Risk Council (QSRC). The Council will work with each Hospital program/department (clinical and non-clinical) to recommend, oversee and support organizational quality, risk and patient safety goals and strategies to achieve them. The QSRC will begin in a non-clinical program.

  3. The Management Team will review the Deloitte Report on Central East LHIN North East Cluster Environmental Scan and identify opportunities to plan for service delivery in the future.

  4. The Chief of Staff, CEO and the Department of Critical Care and Medicine will complete and implement the plan for the provision of a 'Closed ICU Model', which will include enhanced access to internal medicine expertise.

  5. The Emergency Department Team will review Lakeridge Health's August 2016 'Final Report of the Patient Experience Panel.' A gap analysis of relevant recommendations will be considered to assist with enhancing the patient experience in RMH's Emergency Department.

  6. The Vice President Patient Care and the Director of Professional Practice will develop, socialize and implement a corporate plan to standardize and ensure best practices in Professional Practice.

  7. The Privacy Officer will revitalize the Privacy Framework to ensure compliance with legislation and the recent rulings of the Information Privacy Commissioner.

  8. The Hospital will identify a clinical lead for planning and designing a new Clinical Information System (CIS), and continue collaborating with our Central East LHIN partners for our ultimate CIS solution.

  9. The Senior Team will collaborate with hospital partners to develop a modern Decision Support Model.

Goal #2:
We will develop a patient service focus and culture throughout the organization.


10.    The Senior Team working with Human Resources will implement a patient/customer service coaching program for all staff (e.g. iCARE Customer Service
         Coaching Program).

11.    The Senior Team working with Human Resources will continue Leadership Development by identifying staff (5/year) that have an interest and skill for the
         Leading Edge Program in cooperation with PRHC and Lakeridge Health. In addition, managers and directors (5/year) will be identified to complete the
         Leading Now Program for more advanced leadership training.

12.    The Hospital will develop and implement an action plan to address the survey results to improve staff satisfaction/experience and achieve a healthy workplace.

13.    The Senior Team working with Human Resources will implement the LEADS competency framework including the identification and development of up to
         3 core organizational competencies.

14.    The Senior Team working with Human Resourceswill develop a succession plan whereby each leadership role in the organization (CEO, COS, VPs, Directors
         and Managers ) identifies two individuals who could be developed to fill future leadership roles. 

15.    The Chief of Staff and CEO will create learning opportunities through the Canadian Medical Association Physician Leadership Institute for current
         and future physician leaders to obtain either in-house or online leadership education.

16.    The Senior Lead, Quality will obtain Black Belt Certification in LEAN methods, and create an organizational LEAN training and sustainment model.
         Members of the Management Team will be supported to obtain LEAN training (5/year).

17.    The Senior Team and Business Relations Manager will support COHPA's planned integration initiatives and develop a related internal workplan.

18.    The Hospital will implement the outcomes of the Procurement Gap Analysis arising from the Deloitte Report on the activities of Markham Stouffville


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