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Obstetrics Unit

Ross Memorial Hospital – Maternity and Newborn Program


Welcome to the Dr. Gargi Bhatia Family Birthing Centre! We are a family-centred maternity unit delivering approximately 250-350 babies per year. Having a baby is one of life's greatest moments and we want you and your family to have the best experience possible! We are a Level 1b centre which means that our team of obstetricians, family physicians, midwives and nurses provide comprehensive care for pregnant patients with low-risk, healthy pregnancies and their newborns.  Our goal is to support your pregnancy and delivery to be as natural and safe as possible, involving you in decisions throughout your pregnancy journey to ensure the best outcome for you and your baby. We take great pride in providing families in our community with an option to deliver their babies locally, with access to evidence-based pregnancy care and a childbirth experience that is patient-centred, welcoming and safe.


Our Obstetrical Unit has six large, comfortable, fully equipped and private birthing rooms with a family-centred focus. Mothers and their newborns, along with their support person, remain in the same room for the duration of labour, delivery and the post-partum period.  The primary support person is encouraged to stay in the room with mother and baby throughout their hospital stay. New parents care for their newborn in their room with the assistance of skilled and supportive nursing staff until mom and baby are ready to go home.  Each room has a private en suite bathroom with shower and a sleeper chair/cot for your partner or support person to rest.  A Jacuzzi hot-tub on the unit is available for use during labour for non-pharmacologic pain relief. We encourage skin-to-skin contact starting immediately following delivery as long as baby is stable.

You have the opportunity to get to know the Obstetrical Unit in advance by attending an Antenatal Clinic.  Expecting families are invited to attend our Antenatal Clinic between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. At the clinic a registered nurse who is also an experienced obstetrical nurse working on the Unit will provide a tour and lots of useful information and resources for expecting families. Whether this is your first baby or your seventh, the information provided is invaluable. Our clinic appointments are one hour in length and focus on your stay, options for pain relief, community resources and handouts.  Best of all, the appointment is for YOU; it's tailored to your needs, concerns and questions. Please call 705-328-6118 to arrange for your appointment.


24-7 Epidurals: An anaesthetist on-call is available 24-7 to provide epidurals for labouring patients who choose this method of pain relief in labour.

Trial of Labour after Cesarean Section (TOLAC): Delivery by Cesarean section occurs in 15-25% of births. Following a cesarean section birth, most women can choose how they want to deliver their next babies. There are factors that can influence this decision, such as the health of the mom and baby and the reason for the previous cesarean section. The advantages and risks of each option are carefully reviewed with expectant parents who had a previous cesarean section so they can make an informed decision to plan a TOLAC or a repeat cesarean section.


Regardless of your choice of provider, our goal is to provide you with individualized and evidence based care so you will have a positive pregnancy experience, safe delivery, and healthy baby. Depending on your chosen care provider for your pregnancy and birth, the following team members may be involved in your hospital experience:

Obstetricians - Dr. Glasine Lawson

Regular and locum obstetricians provide comprehensive pregnancy care, management of labour and delivery including cesarean-sections as required, and other surgical services to patients.

Family Physicians – Dr. Marina Pretorius, Dr. Ruth Wilson, Dr. Agnes Toth, Dr. Carl Seaton

Family physicians provide comprehensive pregnancy care, including management of labour and delivery, to their pregnant patients and in-hospital newborn care to most babies born at the RMH Obstetrical Unit.

Midwives of Lindsay and the Lakes – Catha McMaster, Kirsten Schmidt-Chamberlain, Lindsay Tattersall, Zoe Haslam

Midwives provide expertise in promoting optimal pregnancy, physiologic birth, postpartum care, and care of the newborn, and help pregnant people and their families achieve health and wellness through many stages of life. Families who choose a Midwife as their primary care giver can choose to plan their birth experience at the hospital or at home.

Obstetrical Nurses

Skilled and experienced labour and delivery nurses are able to support patients throughout their labour and delivery as well as in the post-partum period to assist with newborn care and breastfeeding.


Ross Memorial Hospital Obstetrical Unit

10 Angeline St. North, Lindsay, ON

Tel: 705-328-6118 (Obstetrical Unit extension)

Fax: 705-328-6141

All of our providers gladly accept referrals from community physicians and community organizations. Please contact the provider directly to inquire about self-referrals for patients who do not have a primary care provider for pregnancy care. Referrals need to be sent with all available investigations and completed Ontario Perinatal Record, if available, to the Obstetrical Unit or refer directly to your chosen provider:

Dr. G. Lawson – Tel: 705-320-8874     Fax: 705-320-9115

Family Physician Maternity Group – Tel: 705-324-2420      Fax: 705-324-1950

Midwives of Lindsay and the Lakes -  Tel: 705-324-4664   Fax: 705-324-4668


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