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MRI Appointments

MRI Appointments

In order to help us provide efficient MRI services please follow the following guidelines. MRI bookings can be reached at (705)328-6299, and requests may be faxed to (705)328-6197.

  1. All MRI requisitions must be fully completed with the following:
    • patient’s full name and date of birth
    • area of interest to be scanned as well as clinical history
    • any previous relevant imaging studies (reports should be attached)
  2. All MRI requests must include a completed MRI Requisition form. It is important that the physician reviews this form with the patient, and that both the patient and physician sign this form. All previous surgical information must be recorded on the form. Operative reports may be requested to ensure patient safety prior to the booking of an appointment. An MRI may be contraindicated if the patient has surgically implanted devices.  Blood work results may be requested (creatinine/eGFR) if the patient is to receive a Gadolinium injection.
  3. Any patients with a history of exposure to metal fragments in or around the eyes, or exposure to metal dust in the workplace (i.e. welders, metal workers), will require a pre MRI orbital x-ray to ensure there are no metallic foreign objects within the orbit.
  4. The RMH is equipped with an “Open Bore MRI” that should minimize patient anxiety and claustrophobia.  If a patient does require sedation prior to the MRI, the ordering physician must arrange a prescription for the patient prior to their MRI exam. The MRI department does not provide sedation. If a patient is prescribed sedation they must be accompanied home by another adult.

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