Florence Nightingale Home Foundation's warm gesture comforts patients at RMH

A warm blanket isn’t just a courtesy for patients at Ross Memorial Hospital. The comfort that is provided by a warm blanket relieves a patient’s anxiety level, and positively impacts their health and healing.

Members of the RMH Ambulatory Care team are grateful for the donation of $4000 from the Florence Nightingale Home Foundation to purchase a blanket warming cabinet.

The Florence Nightingale Home Foundation is one of the Benevolent arms of the Order of the Eastern Star in Ontario. Between 1928 and 1975, the Florence Nightingale Home Board operated a home in Agincourt, first for orphans and in later years, for the elderly. In 1975, the home was sold and funds from the sale were invested. The interest is now used to provide donations to accredited Ontario hospitals for patient care and clinical equipment.

“We are amazed when we get an opportunity to see the pieces of equipment our fund helps to purchase,” said Margaret Lynn of the Florence Nightingale Home Fund. “Even though they may be small, it’s nice to know that they make a big difference.”

“We’re so pleased to connect the ladies of the Florence Nightingale Home Foundation with this important patient need,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation Executive Director. “Their warm gesture will comfort anxious patients like a big hug.”

The FNHF team stands with blanket warmer they provided the ACU


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