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The Hospital offers three types of accommodation:

1. Standard Ward Room
2. Semi-Private Room
3. Private Room

If you have a valid Provincial Health Card, the standard ward room is covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). If you request preferred accommodation (a semi-private or private room), you will be responsible for payment of an additional charge. If you have additional health care insurance for preferred accommodation, such as Liberty Health, Mutual, Green Shield, London Life, etc., you must present proof of such insurance at the time of admission. If the private insurance coverage is valid, the Hospital will bill the insurance company directly on your behalf. However, all outstanding amounts not covered by the private plan will be billed to you, the patient. It is your responsibility to be aware of exactly what your private insurance coverage entitles you to, as the percentage of coverage varies and limitations and caps exist. In other words, not all insurance companies cover the full amount of your stay.

If you would like to upgrade your room from a standard ward room to a semi-private or private room, you may do so at an added daily cost, provided the room you request is available.

Additional Charges

There may be charges for uninsured items such as crutches, TED stockings, splints, medical devices, etc. Payment arrangements for such items will be made through the nursing unit and your family.

Ambulance transportation for admission or discharge is billed directly to the patient, not the insurance company.

Costs associated with medical and surgical procedures that are not covered by OHIP (i.e. elective circumcision, cosmetic surgical procedures) are considered uninsured and payment for these services is the responsibility of the patient. Payment for both the Hospital fee and the medical practitioner fee are required in advance of the procedure being performed.

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